From large commercial production to custom projects, we have the experience to make your next project a success.

3d CAD Technology

We have the capability to take precise laser measurements of any projects quickly and effectively. We use Rhino computer-aided design to prototype and reverse engineer accurate solutions for all of your sewing needs. Married with MPanel Software we can model 3D and 2D patterns for tension fabric structures created for the marine fabric industry.

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Commercial Sewing

Over the years our facility has expanded and increased our ability to produce large production quantities with short lead times for our customers. We have been serving the leading global companies for years and pride ourselves on strong, high quality materials while focusing on quick and consistent production.

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Custom Projects

Have a project in mind but don't know where to start? Using our laser measurement technology and computer-aided design softwares we can have a product model available quickly. We do one off designs or can produce larger quantities to fit your needs.

If you have a project you want to get started, contact us today!

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Best in class commercial sewing and innovative solutions for your textile needs.

Beginning in 1984, JPC started as a small, family run business in Elkhart, Indiana. We manufactured and provided floor mats for the thriving van conversion industry for many years. In time, JPC grew larger and we expanded our resources and expertise to provide sewn textiles to a variety of industries around the world. We offer a large selection of equipment and unique materials as well as laser measurements and product prototyping to manufacture efficiently without compromising quality.

Whether you're a large company looking to source high volume production or simply looking for a one off custom project we are here to help! We pride ourselves in our long history of providing our customers with top of the line products and services. Quality and consistency are our highest priorities and we strive to ensure client satisfaction with short lead times.

sewing maching

Industries we serve

Marine and Boating
Trucking and RV
Personal Watercraft
Custom Enclosures
Industrial Equipment
Sporting Equipment