Manufacturing Capabilities

Our industrial sized die press cutting machine takes custom dies and uses pressure to stamp precise and consistent fabric patterns.

  • Stamping mechanism uses pressure to cut through materials

  • Custom die options to suit your individual needs

  • Cuts smoothly through a variety of materials

  • Cut materials with exact measurements and consistent results

Our double axis cutting table receives CAD measurements from our software program and can precisely cut and plot large pieces of fabric efficiently.

  • Reinforced dual rail frame designed for supporting bed widths up to 108" or 132" wide

  • Stretched drive plates spread loads associated with higher speeds and heavy cutting and carry optional load wheels

  • Philocraft vacuum tables hold material secure during plotting and cutting


  • Awnings

  • Tents

  • Curtains

  • Marine canvas

  • Upholstery

Our hot knife is a heated blade used to cut and permanently seal synthetic materials. The hot knife melts the polymer filaments by cutting at the desired length and fusing the melted ends together to prevent fraying. Several synthetic fibers work great with the hot knife including polyester, acrylic, Dacron and nylon.

Common Uses:

  • Carpet

  • Gaskets

  • Webbing

  • Rope

Our long arm sewing machines are perfect for large and oversized fabrics and products. Their large size allows for quicker production times for large fabrics that would be difficult to craft on traditional machines.

We offer a lot of different fabrics and materials to choose from. From

  • Solution Dyed Polyester

  • SunMaster

  • Umbrella

  • Coded Vinyl

  • Marine Vinyl

  • Coded Mesh

  • Fire Retartend PyroSnuff

  • Nylon Webbing

  • Carpet

Interested in having your own custom logo printed on your products? We have several options that we can discuss to make your products fully customizable and branded.

Flat Bed Ink Printing:

  • Digital printing using ink made of acrylic monomers

  • Once printed ink is cured under a UV light

  • Retail signage

  • Event signage

Silk Screen Printing:

  • A print frame is created with a design to be transferred

  • Colors are screened one layer at a time onto fabric

  • Durable and resistant to washing


  • Sewing machine is used to create design patterns

  • Wide range of thread colors and types

  • Can be used on most fabrics

  • Velcro

  • Grommets

  • Webbing

  • Snaps

  • Zippers

  • Buckles

Bar tacking is the process of using a series of stitches to reinforce areas of a fabric that may be subject to additional strain or wear.


  • Increasing strength in corners

  • Reinforcing strength in areas that need to support extra load

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